Turn your ideas into clear business plans with a few clicks✨.

Quickly turn your ideas, notes and business research into well-structured action plans with a little help from AI; from market research to product launch and beyond.

Our consultants intervene to develop content relevance with an entrepreneurial and investor vision.

Validate your idea and transform your project into reality

 Finotor presents its constantly evolving and proven process for creating an operating plan that will transform your business plan and ideas into reality.

 An analysis based on our expertise since 2008 and powered by AI to instantly validate, structure, refine and optimize any business idea.

 Validate your business idea with AI. Finotor offers entrepreneurs and startups this AI-powered business validation service.

Finotor add-on Business project validation tool

Impress your future investors and financial partners

Create a business plan that includes all the information future investors expect to see.
Include consistent content to reinforce your image as a successful entrepreneur.

Build knowledge of your future business

Follow a step-by-step planning process offered by Finotor that also helps you understand the basics from creating your project to managing your future success.

Present with confidence as an expert

Based on your project’s market data, projections and financials, you’ll have the detailed content and tools to make your project’s strengths understandable to everyone.

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2- Finotor’s AI works for you and produces a report

3- A consultant validates the report and sends it to you

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