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Connect your bank accounts with Finotor

√ You can import banking data into Finotor from over 18,000 banks and payment service providers worldwide.

√ Save up to 5,900 euros a year in billable hours per week thanks to bank flows and automated reconciliation.

Over 18,000 banks and payment service providers worldwide…

Fire digital payments provider in Ireland and UK
Wise and Finotor
Virgin Money and Finotor
Stripe and Finotor
PayPal and Finotor
Lloyds Bank and Finotor
HSBC and Finotor
Revolut with Finotor
CaixaBank and Finotor
Bunq and Finotor
Bnp Paribas and Finotor
Barclays Bank and Finotor

Capture banking data in Finotor with bank feeds

Connect your bank accounts to Finotor to integrate bank feeds so that your bank transactions are automatically reconciled.

Have all your transactions in one tool: Finotor

Import all your business transactions after easily connecting your business bank accounts in a single tool, with a single login.

Keep your accounting data up to date

Transactions are synchronized every 3 minutes. So you’ll always have the latest bank transactions and accounting entries.

Your data is protected with Finotor

We put significant resources into security. Banking transactions in Finotor are secure and encrypted to ensure your data is protected.

Make quick decisions with Finotor

By having all your financial data connected and up to date in Finotor, you’ll be able to make faster business and strategic decisions.

So easy with Finotor…

Connect your bank account with Finotor

Select, click and follow…

Select your bank account with Finotor

Manage your cash flow with Finotor…

Dashbord of your bank accounts with Finotor

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