Who is it for ?

Finotor is an all-in-one accounting and financial analysis software that centralises banking and accounting tools, eliminating the need for multiple tools and reducing the risk of transferring incorrect data. It provides real-time information for more effective decision-making and addresses e-business issues for which competitors do not provide complete, dedicated solutions. Finotor uses generative AI for business reporting, bank reconciliation, financial analysis and potentially predictive analysis in the future.

Finotor’s target audience is small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in a variety of business sectors. The main activity is distance selling of products and services (ecommerce, dropshipping, training, freelancing, consulting, SaaS solutions, etc.). These businesses generally need effective accounting and financial analysis tools, but do not necessarily have the resources to invest in expensive and complex enterprise solutions such as Sage or Salesforce.

Finotor’s target audience is SME owners, CFOs and accounting professionals. They tend to be technology-savvy and comfortable with digital tools and software. They may have limited accounting knowledge and rely on software to simplify their financial processes.