Presentation of FINOTOR



Hello everyone!

My name is Sarah and I’ll be your guide to Finotor.

Finotor is the best all-in-one solution for managing your company’s accounting, finances and bank accounts.

It’s the best accounting, financial and business cockpit.

Why adopt Finotor and use it?

You’ll quickly see the benefits, because Finotor provides the very real solutions and advantages that entrepreneurs, business managers and SME owners are looking for to optimise their time and cash flow.

Regardless of the sector in which they operate. Finotor offers a wide range of services for the retail, service, freelance, consulting and training sectors, as well as for all tourism and industrial activities.

Finotor’s speciality, however, is supporting those involved in distance selling: I-merchants, Sasse solutions, mobile applications, subscription-based sales, etc.

Finotor is made for you. It’s the solution you’ve been waiting for!

Finotor offers a host of possibilities to help your business grow quickly and securely. No need to waste time with multiple tools, no need to waste money on multiple subscriptions.

Finotor brings you an all-in-one solution with these key features

– Centralise your accounting entries
– Connect your banks
– Connect tools such as Stripe and Paypal
– Quick and easy bank reconciliation
– Create quotes and invoices
– Manage your business with a single application and a single connection
And there are many more that we’d like you to discover.

Our AI specialising in accounting and financial analysis will be a decisive asset and a competitive advantage for your business.

But we’ve also built a powerful and personalised Help Centre, because we focus on users and support, while aiming to deliver significant value creation with articles, tools, advice, resources and much more.

So there’s only one thing left to do: join us, get on the waiting list and enjoy the benefits that the next few won’t have.
To do so, click on the link below in the description.

Be part of the adventure, because this is just the beginning!

Thank you very much!