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Migrate your accounting from Xero to Finotor

Finotor is a serious alternative to Xero

An increasingly popular all-in-one solution.

The best choice for an all-in-one accounting and financial management platform

In just a few clicks

  • 30-day free, no-obligation trial
  • Accessible from all your devices (PC/Mac, Tablet, Smartphone)
  • Personalized guidance and unlimited customer support
  • Access for your accountant included
  • Fast migration with import from Finotor

Centralize and optimize

  • Simple import tool to Finotor, with the option of expert guidance or stand-alone support
  • Quick integration from Quickbooks of your bank transactions, sales invoices, customers and products

Centralize, manage, optimize

All your accounting and financial data in one place, to optimize the management of your business.

Customer service efficiency

To provide you with the best possible customer service : 24/7 online support with a help center.

Take your mind off accounting

You’ll be able to concentrate on creating real value, and stop wasting time on tedious tasks.

Data analysis

An AI dedicated to accounting and financial management, so you can concentrate on your core business.

logo Stripe FinotorFinotor integrates Stripe

Finotor eliminates double entries and manual bank reconciliation operations


No more complicated bank reconciliations for payments received by Stripe. Finotor provides special features for e-merchants using credit card payment systems such as Stripe.

Finotor solves the problem of double entry in accounting software between customer receipts and Stripe payouts paid into the bank account.

logo woorcommerce finotorFinotor integrates Woocommerce

Finotor eliminates double entries and manual bank reconciliation operations


No more double or even triple entry of payments, invoice amounts that don’t match between the payment, the Woocommerce invoice and the invoice in your accounting software.

With Finotor, you have one payment, one invoice, one link, no wasted time and no errors to catch up on.